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Worst kind of mistakes in logo design

The day when my uncle laid back on the couch, complaining that his company did not make any progress at all since the last 5 years and asking for my opinion; I guessed it’s time for him to change his company logo design. His logo, which was created by his own without asking anyone opinion or professional advice; has now become an old fashioned lady. Then again, he still loved her “What are you saying? My design is the true inspiration, you don’t know anything at all!” He just made one of the worst mistakes for logo designs, a mistake that even professional designer cant even avoid.


People make mistakes, then fix it with all their minds. However, there are some mistakes that can never be undone once you have made it. Of course, if you can avoid making these mistakes is the best. This blog is here to notify you about the worst mistakes of logo design, so that anyone can avoid it smartly. Here they are

  • Bump into the very first idea: I’m not saying that the first idea is no good, I’m just saying that you need more than that to create an impressive logo. Logo design is unlike any other design, it must be focused in all attention and only those with most outstanding features can be picked. Remember, first idea is nice, but other idea can also be charming too so do not ignore them altogether.
  • Make limited option: Logo initial concepts number must be at least five, not just two or three like many people think. The reason for this is the more options you have, the better judge you are. After reviewing and comparing them together, you will see which one is the best “face” for your company.
  • Underestimate logo’s importance: Many people refer to logo only as a package deal with brand with no further usage which is a completely wrong. Logo has its own function, since it is a sign that people will catch on even before they start to remember your brand. Do not design a logo with a thought of underestimation in your mind, it will turn into a bomb field which will destroy your firm sooner or later
  • Give the job to an amateur: The price of dollar for an amateur logo design sounds cheap, but the loss in the future can be a great threat. Logo design needs to be professional, creative and excellent at the point where even a glance will leave everlasting impression. Don’t think all design students can create the same legend like Carolyn Davidson did to Nike logo
  • Use too much Google picture: Google is a great source for picture for reviewing, but its pictures are completely free. If you used google pictures for your logo, then there is no style to it. People will simple mistaken your company logo with a free picture on Google and forget about it.
  • For only you to see: If your logo design is only suitable for you without asking others opinion, do you know how it will affect your business in the future? Design something that is unrelated, fit your own taste and yield no benefit to others; then why should customer care about it?
  • Rely too much on color: Every designer knows that color has its own, but logo design needs more than that. Firm structure and creative layout is much more important, that is why before adding color you should design it in black and white. It is better to judge the initial design in basic color to see the concept first, then mix color to enhance the impact of the whole design
  • Poor choice for letter font: The letter in logo is the company brand name, its importance is undeniable. That’s why the font for logo needs to be focused as well, in order to catch customer’s attention (most precious thing customer can provide to any company).  Every detail needs to be different and creative in its own way, so do not choose an insignificant letter font
  • Copy other: Worst case scenario ever, copying other company logo thinking that company’s fame and fortune will be exchanged to yours somehow. This is the most naïve thought as customer might be misunderstanding at first, but they will despise the copycat later. This mistake is unacceptable and despicable, which all designers and company founders must avoid at all cost.

Here are the worst mistakes that might be made by even the most professional and experienced designers and entrepreneurs. These mistakes might be easy to recognize, but it will leave a last long damage to your business. It is better if you understand the true price for these errors to avoid them and help others.

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