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Must read: When to refresh company logo?

Everything has an expired date and a sad truth is that even company logo suffers the same. As the world perception changes from time to time, the ability to attract and intrigue people’s eye of an outdated logo will lose to the fashionable one.  An unattractive logo will surely sink the whole business, just like a hole will lead to shipwreck. So how can you identify when company logo needs to be redesigned?



Here we will summarize the circumstances and signs remarked that a logo is needed to be refreshed all together.

  • When company logo is old- fashioned: Let’s just say that about 5 or 10 years ago when the firm had just started its business, the logo is still young and fresh to the market. However, if you still use a logo designed with many detailed and full of letters then your firm is going down. A logo needs to be  adaptable to change, flexible enough to suit the market and customer’s preference. That is, it must be short and eye- catching!
  • When business field had changed: everything related to your company must be changed especially when business jumped into new field, or narrowed down. Your logo will need to be altered so as to reflect your product and business area completely and effectively.

  • Similar logo: It is quite common that there are many similarities between logos from one firm to another. On the other hand, it is quite obvious that any organization needs to be different as much as possible so as to draw attention. That is why when a logo seems to be resembled one another in many ways, redesigning is a must.
  • Increase protection: Due to the indifferences and lack of characteristic, many logos are not protected under the law. This can be quite inconvenient for the firm when dealing with government in the future. It is strongly advised that any logo with indifferent character must be changed in order to increase its legal protection.
  • Refresh brand identity: Logo will be the one that represent the company brand identity in a very long time. Sometimes your “face” need to be washed too, so is company logo. Refreshing company logo will surely increase corporation’s competitive advantage in no time

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If your company logo is so happened to be in such circumstances, then it is high time for a change. That is, to redesign logo all over again. Not only did it will improve company ability and performance, it will also show that the company is willing to cope with uncertainty.

Be the adapter, not the slowpoke

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