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Must read: Awesome idea for company name

Every business started with a company name. Thus, a company name has to be impressive, good to hear, easy to remember, no grammar mistake and represent the firm’s code effectively. It is always a hard task to brainstorm a proper name and still different from others. People don’t need to hear same sound again and again, YOUR COMPANY must be different from others. In this article, we will discuss some of the great tips and experiences based on our real practice on naming a company name.


It might look confused and difficult, but everything has an invisible pattern and company name is no different than that. With a little observation and consideration, you can obtain this pattern and give your company a great name (and fashionable as well).

Here are some tips for you:

Composition: LaserJet, PowerBook, PageMaker, Sunsilk, Sunlight, Goldenkey…

Combination: Vietnam Airline, Clean & Clear

Tacking & Clipping: Vinabico – Kotobuki, Vinamilk, Vinataba, Vigracera

Ideophonemes: IBM (International Business Machines), SYM, FPT, 333, 555

Semantic: Pedaling + Catalina
                 Pedal + alina = Pedalinas

4. Slogan: “Its Heineken” – Heineken beer; “Finger – licking”  KFC

5. Concept, design and symbol: apple with a bite like Apple

6. Combination between logo and name: Apple, yahoo

7. 3D illustration on label and package: Zipper lighter

8. Abbreviation: FedEx, Microsoft

9. Acronym: IBM, FPT

10. Alliteration: Coca-Cola, Intel Inside

11. Metaphor: In – n – Out Burgers, Kitchen Aid

12. Analogy: KitchenAid, Kool-Aid.

13. Appropriation: Soap (for software), Bloody Mary’s (for restaurant), Java

14. Arbitrary: Apple, Poppy, Marimba, DHL

15. Classical Root: Pentium, Quattro, Avis

16. Combination/ Semantation: Cambozola (Camembert & Gorgonzola),

17. Descriptive: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Airbus, Bath & Body Works

18. Foreign Language: Samurai, Fuego Technology, El Pollo Loco

19. Founders: Hewlett Packard, Hilton, Rolls Royce

20. Fusion: Lego, Eveready, DirecTV, ReaLemon

21. Historical, Geographical: Rocky Mauntain Chocolate Factory, Silicon Valley Bank, Cisco System.

22. Humor: Please Go away (a travel Agency), Yahoo, Google

23. Ideophonemes: 7-UP, 3COM, Union 76

24. Journalistic: Silicon Valley, CowPalace,
New England

25. Metonymy: Silicon Alley, Silicon Gulch

26. Mimetic: Krazy (Crazy)

27. Morpheme Construction: Victorinox, Goretex, Compuserve, Accuvue

28. Mythologycal: Centaur (a creature with the body of a man combined with a horse), Mercury (Mercury Planet)

29. Onomatopoeia: Kookooroo, Kisses, ZapMail

30. Oxymoron: True Lyse, Steel Magnolias, Intimate Strangers

31. Poetics: Rockin’ Tacos, El Pollo Loco

32. Purchased: Packard Bell, Rolls Royce

33. Real Word: Apple, Adole, Domino’s

34. Retrogressive Formation: Ceasar’s Palace

35. Rhyme: Shake ‘n Bake, Lean Cuisine, Osh-Kosh

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