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Legendary slogan: How they do it?

We all know about these legendary slogans, some of them can be used as a word at the tip of our tongues. They can survive through time, bring robust revenue to the company and make significant difference in company capital. So how did these famous slogan born? Who have the idea? How they do it?

Let’s find out now

Maxwell House_ Good to the last drop



The origin of this famous slogan was quite interesting. Roosevelt as the president of the USA, had a favor for coffee. Upon his visit to Mashville Town Festival in Tennessee, he was invited by Joel to drink a cup of warm coffee. The taste was so wonderful that the president has to admit “Good to the last drop!”. Maxwell coffee used this statement as the slogan after sometime and it helped this coffee brand earn enormous revenue.

Good to the last drop implies a strong taste and warm cup of coffee, making people feel the coffee even before they actually drink one. This coffee brand wish to bring the wonderful flavor to the customer so that they want to drink to the last drop.

Burger King – Have it your way


With the slogan: Have it your way, Burger King want to criticize the “Mass production” method that their rival McDonald used in hamburger market. The most impressive part in this slogan is that it gave prominence to culinary culture. Eating is an art, and the eater is an artist. Thus, let enjoy it your way, not in any other way.


Heineken _ It could only be Heineken


Many people said that they can not remember the detail of this company 7 minutes advertising video but they did, in fact, remember this slogan so much that they used it as their tonguage. How did they do it?

This slogan, even though it is very simple but the meaning is absolutely firm and strong with the statement “it can only be”. It has the firm meaning of “ We are the only one that you will choose”

Nike – Just do it


Before deciding to use slogan “just do it”, Nike founder Philip Hampson Knight had been disappointed by the agency that in charged of creating their slogan. He had to yell into the phone with angry voice “Just do it”. However, others think that Nike has came up with the slogan by inspiration got from the song which is very famous at that time.

The strong point of this slogan is that It has the power to encourage and inspire people to break though their limitation, without giving up so soon. Just do it, just try it, then success will come in your way. This is the sportsmanship spirit that is always needed in every sport competition.

California Milk – Got milk?


Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, slogan “got milk” had contributed a great deal to increasing sale and revenue for California Milk factory.

Got Milk is a reminded in a very sweet and sensitive tone,  just like a lovely statement “ Just one cup of milk, you will forget hungry” “Just one cup of milk, you will forget tiredness”. As a slogan, it lacks of firm and strong tone to urge people, but it is the sweet reminder they everyone wants to hear in the morning.

We hope that with all these stories and analyzing, you have some ideas for your future slogan. Remember, a slogan doesn’t have to be long, detailed but it must be simple enough to represent your company. Just do it!

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