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Company Logo Design: Why you need it?


Let’s just be honest, we all need to invest in our company logo.

We must invest in it.

The reason why you start up your business is that you want fame, money and fortune. You want it to be noticeable, to be remembered and lasted for decades or even centuries. Many entrepreneurs wish for these as a life-time dream, but the hard truth is that many companies lasted for only a few years and others are hardly survived. The explanation for this fact is vary and different from time to time, but the most common one is “underestimated logo’s importance”



The number of company that failed because of the poor and lack of awareness of logo’s value is almost uncountable. For those who acknowledged the importance of company logo, their business keeps on blooming and prosperous even in this intense business world competition. You can never forget the sign of facebook logo, or look at Nike “swoosh” without thinking of its excellent product. Or can you not think of retail when you look at Wal-mart logo; or ignore the fact that you attract to Apple “with a bite”? Believe it or not, New Zealand Banking Group invested more than $15,000,000 for their logo design and BBC spent $1,800,000 of their budget for a redesign.



Why invest so much? Why you need a logo?

  • Different: In this world where hundreds of companies fight for customer’s attention, you need to be different in such a distinctive way. A well- designed and impressive logo can become an excellent weapon, since it can catch people eye in just a minute. It will leave customer with everlasting impression and lead to your company competitive edge
  • Professionalism: Research shows that customer is less interested in investing into a company with sloppy logo design since he/she does not believe in company ability. Certain level of performance, dedicated behavior and professional standard can be illustrated in company logo if it was designed well enough. Briefly speaking, your logo also indicates your capacity and your customer’s loyalty.
  • Sense of stability: Other needs to know that you are grounded with foundation and fully committed.  A well defined logo will certainly give people a sense of responsibility since it stands firm for your company alone. Logo means “we’re here with full dedication and commitment for you”
  • Brand Identity: Logo is a chief visual in any brand identity, it will define the company in a significant way. It will appear in every inch of your business, ranging from business name card to employee uniform. It will be the first thing people think about when they think of your brand, if it’s appealing enough.
  • A good face: Logo is the face of the company as people will see it first once they set their eyes on the product. A beautiful “face” can never hurt since it will be able to drawn a lot of attention to your work. Many companies did not acknowledge this fact and disappeared eventually in the business world


Most of the time, the first thing people think of is not your company, not your brand, not even your product; it is your company logo. It is so important for any firm wants to last in this intensive battle of companies that even large corporation had to invest six-digit number of dollars into designing it.

The rule in the business world is this “Want to live? Get a logo design”

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