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Brand identity system is the expression of the identity of a company image through the use of text and icons. Brand identity system including the brand identify constituent elements are presented in a uniform, consistent create unique features that help differentiate the brand with other brands.

Hệ thống nhận diện thương hiệu khách sạn 4*

(The brand identity system of a 4 star hotel by LogoArt – member of Venus’ done)


A brand identity system usually includes:
1. The basic elements identified
1-1 Symbol (logo)
1-2 colors in the communication materials
1-3 The character of the transaction documents and communications

2. Brand identification on office documents
2-1 Cards
2-2 Writing a letter
2-3 envelope (A5 and A4) and mailing labels
2-3-1 Secretary A5
2-3-2 A4 envelope
2-3-3 mailing labels
2-4 Fascimile
2-5 Invoice
2-6 internal newsletter
Card 2-7 employees
2-8 presentations document
2-9 Uniforms

3. Brand identification on the product and packaging
3-1 Signs brand awareness on the product
3-1-1 Signs brand awareness on product labels to
3-1-2 Signs brand awareness printed directly onto products
3-2 Signs brand awareness on product packaging
3-2-1 layout brand identification on packaging
3-2-2 Some illustrative applications

4. Brand identification on signs
4-1 Types of signs
4-2 Signs Corporation
4-3 Signs departments
4-4 A signboard at the front desk and meeting rooms
4-5 Sea ad
4-6 Signs agent

5. Signs brand awareness in media and marketing
5-1 Publications ad
5-2 exhibition booth design
5-3 on television advertising (consultant)
5-4 Advertising on transport
5-5 Promotional Items
5-6 Website and CD cover

We help our customers starting from step advice and analysis to build brand identity and design complete set of the company’s brand identity. Creative design services we are doing on a day different and unique for many companies. We communicate openly and listen to customer’s requirements to be able to ensure you understand the creative requirements from the very beginning.

To receive information and advice about services, please contact us via email contact@saokim.com.vn or hotline: 0944,472,532. LogoArt pleased to serve!


Hệ thống nhận diện thương hiệu CKJ do Sao Kim thiết kế

(The system’s brand identity for a business of gold, silver by LogoArt (member of Venus) made)

Hệ thống nhận diện thương hiệu dành cho doanh nghiệp

(The brand identity system for businesses by LogoArt / Venus implementation)

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