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Brand naming

Brand  name is one of the most important decisions to ensure the survival and development of the brand.Currently, there are many Vietnamese companies are confused in choosing a brand name, whether pure Vietnamese name? Even the leading coffee brand is this difficulty also expanding overseas market because very few people can read and pronounce the word “Central Highlands”. So businesses need to do before the naming problem?

World for a long time the brand name usually given to the company in charge of naming to ensure creativity and effectiveness of selected brand name. In Vietnam, now the interest in brand equity oriented enterprises looking to provide professional services brand name.

At Venus, we are always ready with the brand name in the project outline the best creative ideas. Our creative team can partner to work with the Creative Director, the collective or individual leaders to analyze and understand that due to creative brand identity from which the most suitable brand name with your request.

To receive information and advice about naming services, please contact us via email contact@logoart.vn or hotline: 0944,472,532. 9LogoDesign pleased to serve!


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