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7 tips to choose awesome logo design

It is surprise me to hear how people choose their company logo design, which is an important matter for any businessman. Most answers I get for asking “How can you choose a logo design for your company?” are “Most favorite” “Easy to the eye” “Cheap”. People! You need to wake up and realize that this world demands for differentiation, attention and impression. Let an awesome and amazing logo design shine for your company is the first step to be different in this sea of companies. Choose logo design wiser, better and with much attention!

In this post I’m going to introduce some 7 tips for you to take into consideration while choosing a logo design. With these tips I hope it can support you with choosing logo wisely and contribute to your success in the future.


1. Logo design must be able to stand against time. Despite how further into the future that your company can stand, great logo design must be able to stand through time and being new and fresh to the eye all the time. A logo which can only be used for short time and ended up becoming outdated, is absolutely unacceptable. Of course a logo has expired date (like I said before) but the least it can lasted for more than 5 years or more.

2. Check out logo design color. What does it trigger? So stunning to the point you cant look away? What is the meaning behind it? Can it represent your company product in any way? You can also consider if the color fits to Chinese Feng Shui (it might bring you luck!).

3. Proper symbol is the must. Don’t turn your company logo design into a fun joke while choose a symbol that is totally ir-related to your product, firm and market target. A symbol is an important part to logo design, it is the first thing that (if impressive enough) should be able to draw customer attention in an instant. However, it must fit with company market, product and target customer so as to remind them of your firm.

4. Perfect in any size. No matter how you change its size, excellent logo design must be perfect without any distortion, blur or shape alteration. On the computer, you can try maximize or minimize logo design so as to look out for any faulty and mistake.

5. Perfect for business printed brochure. Your logo will represent your company in many place, especially brochure, advertisment board and company letter. Exact color, frame and size present precisely on any type of material you want to use.

6. Ask people around you. Very easy but effective way to review logo design, since you can trust the subjective judgement from other people. Some of them can be your customer, some can be your friend and relative. I would recommend you to take as much review on your logo design as possible since i do trust a significant number of positive feedback is essential for your final decision.

7. Cheap does not mean quality. I’m not saying that you should try big case like ANZ designed new logo for more than $10,000,000; but you will not as lucky as Nike with a famous logo designed for only $35 by a student. Not all the cases are the same, but a reasonable price for a quality logo design  will give you better guarantee. If there is any faulty in logo design, you can always come back and ask for more modification.


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