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7 steps to perfect company name and brand

A company name is the first thing you should think of when you are about to start your company to the world. It is the brand name represents the very you, your product and your characteristic as well as unites every individual in your company as one. However, it is hard to come up with an impressive company brandname when there is thousands of company names out there (and so identical, unfortunately).


“PEPSI” was the name that was actually a sequel of number, it is 12.9.39


Here is 7 steps to create your unique company name

  • Collect information: Every single detail about your company should be listed without any bias. Your product, your partner, your name, your primary market, your target customer… or even your pet name (if he is related somehow) is counted. The name should at least be able to cover these fields or else it will be eaten by other brand once you set foot to this competitive world.
  • Brainstorm, brainstorm and brainstorm: After gathering all information in need, you need to think of some words related to your business, even other languages. At this steps you only try to think of as many as possible words so don’t think much, just try anything that pop out in your head. After all, first thought is always right.

Starbuck was named after a character in Moby Dick novel


  • Stop and experiment: So you have a bunch of word for your company name, try mixing them together. Each word or phrase can become a new creation, or it can lead to new idea. Try to make a list of possible combination and spell them aloud to see it is good enough.
  • More experiment: Careful experiment all the possible combination, try to write it down or even speak it out loud. Is it hard to remember? Is it difficult to read? Is it too long? Too short? Does it cover all the fields you want it to?
  • Make a short list: After answer all these question you should have about 3 to 5 options that fit your perfect company name. It is better to write all these options down since one of them might be your company face one day.

Volkswagen means “people’s car” in German


  • Communicate: Ask others for opinion and show them your short list for company name. This step is very important since it helps you sort out all ineffective and unimpressive options.  Try to ask as many as possible, but only the people who is close to you (try Google as well)
  • Reflect on it: You should be able to find your ideal name for the company after all these steps, the last step should be reflect and examine whether there is any similar name in your market. Checking for local assume name and try to protect your name through register it legally to the government. The price for name protection in US cost $325, though it is not necessary for small local company

Whether your business is new or you want to change your company name into new one, these steps are always useful. If you’re still confused about what you should do then by applying these steps you will surely find yourself a unique brand name.

What about you? Do you have experience on this field that you wish to share?


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