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6 Super Logo Design Tips

You’ve picked a name for your business and you’ve defined your brand personality. What’s next? Designing a logo, of course! Tackling this task can be a lot of fun because it allows you to flex your creative muscles. Whether you design your own logo or hire a professional to help you, here are six tips to help you get started.


  1. Be sure it’s licensed. If you’re not artistic, and you don’t have the budget to hire a designer, it can be tempting to use clip art or a template to create your logo. If you go this route, be sure the artwork you use has the appropriate licenses. If not, you may end up owing royalties or legal fees.
  2. Keep it simple. Complicated logos with illustrations, 3D effects or tag lines often end up looking muddled and unclear. To maximize your logo’s impact, use clean, crisp lines and no more than three colors.
  3. Think long-term. There’s no need for your logo to portray exactly what your company does, especially if there’s a chance you’ll expand into new markets in the future. Design a logo that can grow with your business. Imagine if the Apple logo had a desktop computer on it. That wouldn’t make much sense on the iPod or the iPhone, would it?
  4. Make it work in color and in black and white. If you plan to use your logo for advertising, remember that some publications only print ads in black and white. If you design a color logo, create a black and white rendering as well to make sure nothing is lost when the color is taken away.
  5. Dare to be different. It can be helpful to look at your competitors’ logos to see what the industry norms are, but avoid using other logos as a step-by-step guide for creating your own. To be successful in the market, your brand needs to stand out. How will you stand out if you copy someone else’s logo?
  6. Check for scalability. Your new logo will need to work at a variety of sizes, from banners to business cards to shirt sleeves. Some logos look great on a poster, but are barely discernible on packaging. Evaluate your logo at several sizes to make sure it will work no matter where you use it.

Your logo gives you an opportunity to express your brand personality in a creative way. Follow the tips above and show your designs to a few trusted advisors for outside feedback. If your logo is unique and memorable, you’re on the right track. Good luck and have fun with it!

Source: name.com

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